Monday, September 27, 2010

Thoughts on Mangled Metal

So, I've been thinking about lists for the upcoming Mangled Metal/Fang and Claw Tournament. I hadn't really giving this format much thought before. I'd played in a lot of mangled metals in the past but even the tournaments I played in tended to be a pick up events where I was not planning on playing in it. My big fear is Karchev and other casters that can kill Jacks/beasts and take a beating. So When building MM/FaC lists I think you want to focus on 2-3 heavies and a beatstick Caster. I was originally going to play my Trolls in this event, but after looking over my collection of beasts and casters, I think I'll go with my Cygnar or Cryx instead. For Trolls I have  a few casters I'd consider for this type of scenario, but I'm lacking the beast support I'd want. I'd run Borka with two Earthborns, but I don't have dups of my Earthborn and I've only got one game with Borka. Two Earthborns are the core of all my Theorymachine lists, although I was also looking at a Mauler/bomber combo, but with out an Axer or Impaler, I felt the threat ranges where two small. Also Beasts tend to be slightly more expensive then jacks and a little less durable, both these factors have swayed my choice to Warmachine armies. With Cryx I can run Denny with two Slayers and two arcnodes, or Coven with the same or swap out the Slayers for a Deathjack. Cygnar takes a little more effort and if I had a third Ironclad, I'd run them with Estryker, instead I think I'll run Ol'Rowdy, Ironclad, and Charger. Maybe Siege with Defender, Hunter, and Charger.

Oh, I just realized I have a ton of Merc Jacks, maybe it's time for Magnus to come out of Retirement. Bart's Theme list drops Mariners down to 7 points each, allowing him to run two Mariners and two Buccaneers. So many choices, I don't know what to do. To make it even more fun, my Khador army is currntly a bunch of Jacks and Casters, with only a min winterguard as infantry and only a Wardog for my solos, but that matters little in Mangled Metal. Sigh, life was easier with I was just looking at my trolls, now I'm a kid in the Candy Store.

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