Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's Wednesday!

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Also I've added linkage to my army photos on Dakka Dakka. These are a photo inventory for me, so you will see some pretty unimpressive figures primer straight black or even (gasp) unprimed. the links should be right here on the side ---------------------------------------------------------->

Also here is a link to a Chess clock discussion I started on Focus and Fury. Focus and Fury is the most wretched hive of scum and villainy on the internets, so view them wisely.

So my take on trying to improve on both Chess clocks and timed turns are as such. Both ideas require some testing and refinement. For Chess clocks make the secondary or Tertiary tiebreaker be based on having spent less time then your opponent, giving the faster player an advantage in the match and really discouraging stalling. I would allow for a margin that gives players some leeway, like if your times are both 5 minutes apart or less, no one gets this tie breaker. (first guess, maybe 5 minutes is too short). That last sentence looked confusing, so what I mean't was you have to use less time then the slower players total time plus 5 or more minutes to win this tie breaker. This could also favor the second player a little, if he missed his next turn do to "Dice down", the extra time the first player spent could give the second player this tie breaker.

For timed turns I would add a turn limit, you play for 5 turns max, but set up the time restriction to allow for this, unless people are running very far behind schedule . Don't allow control point or VPs to end the game, use them only as first tie breaker. The game only ends after turn five or at Caster Kill (Die down would only be called after a very generous time limit . Something like; Total turns times turn limit plus 10 minutes more for extensions and 5 minutes more for to avoidDice down being an issue.
N being the total number of turns BOTH players are expected to play (I think 5 is a good number, so N would be 10 for my event)
X is the timed turn limit, 10 minutes are 35 points, 12 minutes at 50.
E is equal to both players extensions, usually 5 minutes each, for a total of 10.
So dice down in a 35 point event would be 115, versus the 80 minutes Plus 2-12 minutes that are used now. That may be too much time, but most games should end before that time, but cheap scenarios wins would be gone unless they can also hold ground, not ending the game at turn two or three.

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