Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First post of 2013

I've been sick, doing holiday stuff, and working alot, so I haven't done much on the NinjaHut in quite some time.

Gaming update: I'm playing a lot of Dust:Warfare lately  I've been taking a Break from Warmachine and Hordes, It's a great game but I was starting to burn out on it, so stepping back seemed the correct call. I'm sure I'll catch the Warmahordes bug again soon, but lately  I've been enjoying board games, League of Legends and Dust:Warfare.

The board and card games I've been playing are in the last few months are:
Legendary, the Marvel Deck Builder (I've played this alot)
Super Dungeon Explore
Dungeon Command
Star Trek Fleet Captains
Wiz War (The FFG version, it's an Amazing game)
Descent 2nd Ed

Dust Warfare just seems to get better as a Wargame, each campaign book really adds to the game, adding some new units, but also new ways to play the game. They have some good looking rules for 3 player games in the first expansion book, while the latest one, The Hades Campaign, adds campaign rules. However all of this only adds to the amazing core rules. The rules are simple but very satisfying. The game play is fast, but the tactics are deep.