Thursday, September 9, 2010

Warmachine Vs. Hordes

Hey all,

So I've been thinking about Warmachine and Hordes now that MK2 has been around for a while and how the two sister games work. As we all know they are compatible but have different play styles and nuances. Hordes allows your Beasts and Warlocks to be very active, but I feel that support elements such as feats, spells, and models are weaker then the Warmachine counterparts. Warmachine has more powerful effects and models but the limits of Focus mean your caster and jacks are not as dynamic as Hordes. This is the balancing point.

Warmachine models feel like they are 10% - 15% stronger then Hordes models, but that's because you have to rely on their unboosted stats more. In Warmachine you only have around a half dozen focus to power your Jacks and cast spells, so you need to utilize your infantry more and your spells need to be more influential as your cost to cast them is much higher then in Hordes.

Hordes allows the Warlock to have access to all his fury and have his beasts run at full steam. This means they can boost to hit and damage a lot more freely, while the caster can throw spells like a mad man. Hordes support models are in the same ball park as Warmachine figures, but they just don't quite match up on a point to point comparison, unless you start applying buffs and spells. Someone might try to tell me that Troll infantry is amazing, Trollkin are tough and has a ton of ways to buff them to outrageous levels. This is true, but all those buffs come at a price in points that is not insignificant and while they appear to have tough for free, the medium bases are a pain to maneuver around.

Just saying....

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