Monday, September 13, 2010

Tournament wrap up

So the Saturday tournament happened and while I mostly enjoyed my self, my first game was frustrating.

I played my Grim list all day and I enjoyed the list very much. Grim is a sweet caster and running 50 points of beasts with him was fun. We had an 8 player turn out, so no one was getting byes, but we have had much better turn outs before. The faction line up was two Khador, two Circle, Menoth, Merc, Cygnar, and me playing Trollbloods.

I played Johnny and his Khador first round in a Killbox mission.
Johnny is a local player and a good friend of mine, but we both got a little heated in this game. I felt he was wasting my time during my turns with slow tough rolls and having to fish a dismounted Fenris out of his minis bag when I killed the Dragoon (this caused me to lose activating a few models and stopped my Earthborn mid attack, but I forgot about the time extension) . So when I tried and failed to get the Caster Kill on EButcher, I knocked him down, attacked a bunch at range but I didn't have the speed to get the Earthborn into finish him. So I resigned to losing, but Johnny started his turn, Walked the butcher up to Grim and started to swing, I said nope, you where knocked down and didn't shake it off, then you moved you caster, so you forfeit your attacks. He got very frustrated by this and said he conceded, I told him to get the Judge and see what he said. The judge ruled that what happened happened and there was no take backs, but he could still spend focus for extra attacks. The Epic Butcher then slaughtered all my beasts and my caster. :(  After the Tournament I thought about that and realized you don't forfeit your initial attacks, you forfit your actions, so you can't buying attacks. So I should have lost, if Johnny shook off the knockdown, but he but lost anyway. I'm a little bitter, but I failed on my turn because I didn't plan it well, so that's my bad. (I feated that turn to set up the caster kill, then had Grim shoot the butcher with the net gun, instead of my rifle, where "bait the line" would have gotten the Earthborn to the Butcher, additionally if I used the rifle I won't have moved up into the butcher's threat range.
* * *
My second game was against an old friend from out of town, Matt playing Epic Magnus. We played convergence that round. Basically did a turn two feat with EMagnus picking both player's table edges so I could only do lateral movements, he also ran the Halbardiers up to pin my models in place. But I just took free strikes and Shot Magnus down on my turn. The assassination run required me to puzzle out some stuff and kill a few models, but worked well and gave me the game. Matt's a good player and will be great once he gets more games in. 

* * * 
Round three had me playing my roommate, Rich with his Circle. We played Incursion and it was a slow grind, with him out maneuvering me and slightly out dicing me, I seemed to always leave models alive with 1 or 2 health, then he would swing buck and kill my beasts. Skin walkers are a huge pain to clear out, and while I was killing two or so a turn, He had ten of them. I managed to kill his Stalker and maybe his Pureblood (I can't remember if I sealed the deal on that, after my turn two he seemed to always be 2-3 hit points from death), but his Warp wolves with Epic Kaya are amazing. Just when you think he's going to have to commit, Kaya pops her feat and then the warp wolves house your models, then port back to Kaya.
* * *
Picutres added

Trolls on the March!

Round 1: That's pretty Butch! 
A large Chunk of Johnny's army.

Round 1: Pregame list reviews, as Johnny 
and I prepare for our round one match off. Grim vs. EButcher.

Round 2: That's a lot of Fury on the Board.

Round 3: I call this one "Chuck vs. the Ten skinwalkers" This 
was a shot of the first turn as Rich starts moving the 'Walkers out.
EKaya vs. Grim

'Walkers, Texas Rangers
Walkers in Round 1 face off aginst Cygnar.
EKaya vs. EHaley

Round 2: Who let the Dawgs out? Circle on Circle Crime.
Kormac vs. EKaya

Round 26: The Steelhead's Wicker Battle Barge

Round 1: This is Kay-Door!
Evlad vs himself

First Place when to Lance (Circle), then I think Adrian (Menoth) then Bryan (Khador).

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