Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last night's Warmachine night.

Well I don't know what happened with the Summer Ramage, I don't expect much as it turns out no one else entered except me. I was hoping some late comers would show up and make it a competition but no one joined.

Oh well, someone (Pascal) did show up and we played a 50 point game. We didn't play a mission.
Pascal was running PButcher, Wardog, 2 Kodiaks, a berzerker, 5 man Demo Team, Max Winterguard with Officer/standard, Kovnik Joe, Greylord Terrion, 2 Man Hunters and Yuri.

I ran Grissel, Runebearer, Mualer, Earthborn, Axer, 6 Scattergunners, 10 Kriel Warriors with 1 Caber, Piper/Standard, Cronicaler, 6 Kriel Stone Bearers, Eldar, Fell Caller, and 6 Pyg Borrowers.

We Matched up with me going first and him setting up placed WInterguard on the left flank across from my Scatter gunner and near the center of the table where my Caster and Beasts where. My Warriors faced off the right flanks against Yuir, 2 Man Hunters, and the Demo Team. This Jacks and Terrion where alined across the center of the table from my Caster, beasts and support models. The Pygs started infront of the Scatter gunners.

Turn 1:
I went first, had the Pygs burrow and move towards the center of the table. Everything else advanced/ran up.
He cautiously advanced gaining ground but not risking getting charged first. This Manhunters and Yuri used some Ruined castle sections to advance behind.

Turn 2:
My army advances, the Pygs appear, ready to charge all the Jacks and some Demo teams. My Warriors advance up with the +2 speed buff and engage a Manhunter and Yuri and one lucky hit kills Yuri and hurts the one of the other Man Hunters. The Pygs get buffed by fell caller for +2 mat, the Cronicaler give them Heroes Tragedy. They Charge up and I figure out on can charge the Wardog, so I figure you not and charge. I didn't think about how I'd be in the Butcher's Reach and have to test for terror, but that's what happened and my unit broke. So no borrower attacked :(. My Scatter Gunners shoot up the Winter guard but only kill one or two guys thanks to Bob and Weave and Iron Flesh. Grissel Pops feat and buff Earthborn with rage, Kriel Stone pops the +1 str Buff and then he Charges the two Kodiaks, that lined up to protect the Butcher, He Scraps one and puts over half damage on the second one (go 6 pow 20 attacks!). Mauler buffs the Fell caller, who then charges into the last Kodiak and Kills it in one attack. Everyone uses Hoof it to maneuver to safety or  engage threatening Targets.
He works a lot of his units trying to get the Pyg Borrowers out of the way, but tough rolls and Heroes Tragedy punish him for it. By the end of his turn they are wiped out and the manhunters manage to kill two Trolls Warriors. The Butcher Feats and charges the Earthborn and kill it in two hits. His Winterguard kill most the scattergunners and a few kriel stone bears scribes. The Berzerker kills some warriors that engaged it with the Hoof it moves, while most the Demo crew stand up from being knocked down from Killing the borrowers.

Turn 3: The Butcher is exposed and in Charge range of Grissel but no one else. So I use Charge of the Trolls on her from the Cronicaler, Ran the axer to engage him, Had Grissel Charge and buff her self (I should have had the Mauler Buff her, or used the Runebear first). Grissel Beats him down to 3 hit points and slams him knocking him down, but he's still camping four focus and my only ranged play was to have the mauler throw the axer at him, and I did, but at pow 13 (I forgot to use his Rage) against armor 22 would require me to roll a 12 on the unboostable colateral damage roll. I rolled a 9, making for a perfect Zero damage.
Then it was his turn and the Butcher killed her in 2 swings.

It was a good game, and one I'd probably had won if I had a little more experience with Trolls and Grissel.

UPDATE: Just reread the cronicaler and noticed that he can only buff units, so when I used him to buff Grissel with "Charge of the Trolls", she was not a legal target for that buff. The +2 to hit from that really helped me "own" the Butcher, so with out it, I don't know if I had that much chance of killing the butcher, even with the mauler buffing her. Maybe if I had the Runebearer, reduce here spell cost and then if I hit the "Butch" with Calamity first, but that would still cost 3 focus with a boosted to hit roll.

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