Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lock and Load!

Here is a quick photo dump of pics from L&L

Iron Mike, PP's new Bouncer.

Lock and Load had a ton of sweet table to play on in the Iron Arena.

Some Tables had there own special Rules and Scenarios

I didn't play on this table but I think the train moves each turn 

This Table I did play on and it had artillery and a special win condition

So Awesome looking. It was an blast to play on.


More Iron Arena tables

I dig the super trees on this map.

I played on this table, it was a bit wierd having a huge wall spliting your deployment zone, but it  worked out ok.

Menoth styled Table

Trencher paradise.

This was one of the tournament tables. I have a few more pictures of  these tables.

I was really surprised to see most if not all of the tournament tables had water.

I'm starting to think my terrain lay outs might be a bit heavy, these tables had more open space then my events.

My First Game at Lock and Load

I'm playing my ex-roommate Porkbun and his new Khador. He won, again.

Storm Stider was pretty sweet
Played aginst a very good merc player using Damino. We called this game on time, but it was not looking sweet for me at the end.

Another oppoenet's Army, I should have got names.

I got to play on the super sweet table. Cygnar loves big open spaces.

To play on this table you needed a fully painted army

I played against PG_Fellio from Vacaville

Chargers 4 & 5 are and waiting for Orders

I must have played E-Nemo well, he was so far back this was the only picture I got of him.

My squad faces off with the loneliest Avatar.

The Stormstirder is sad it's not painted and can't play.

Round one's shooting was pretty good, only a few Errant Knights survived.

Nemo Feated and gave each jack 3 focus. The Thunderhead thundered, clearing the way for Chargers to start shooting Feora.

Charger 4 finished the Casterkill. 

I didn't get around to seeing if I could finish of the Avatar

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