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Kublacon is my favorite Bay area gaming convention, it's always been very well ran with great support for events and a very organised and player friendly staff. So this year I coordinated with a fellow PG from Sacramento, Jimmy (Aka PG_Warder). I can't say enough good things about Jimmy and he's been running Steamrollers at Kubla for a while now, but this year he didn't have access to enough Terrain for the event. Well I have a ton of Terrain, so I offer to bring my Scenery up for all our events. No Problem, I dust off all the old Brainbasha Terrain I inherited earilyer this year and dug out all my different scerny collections from over the years. Yeah I said collections, as I've always been a collector of terrain and I've helped build up terrain for different people, clubs, and events for the better part of two decades. Some stuff was stored because it fell out of favor and others for game play reasons. But for what ever reason, it was hidden way in some storage bin, living in a utility shed or closet.

Some terrain I was cleaning up. A quick spray paint job covered all the where and tear of a decade or more of play and will  be a sweet base coat if I ever get around to painting it all up.
Once I got the Terrain Squared away (It took a few weeks working on it a few days a week), I went back to my Cygnar army and made sure everything for kubla was painted, flocked, and based with Arcs.

The Figures for my Kublacon 50 streamroller lists. All painted up and waitng to be based and arced.
I'ts a bit amazing sometimes how much basing can increase a models looks.
I played or ran 4 events at Kubla for a total of 30+ hours of Warmachine. It was a blast. Friday night was a 15points Killbox Highlander verent event called "Mangled Grind". Saturday was the 50 point steamroller, the main event of the con. Saturday night was "Desperate Measures" another highlander vareint but with not points limit and only allowing one warcaster, heavy, light, and solo. Sunday, I ran a 35 point Teir fight. Monday also has a Multiplayer single caster and Jack/beast thunderdome like event, but I didn't stay the extra day, so I hope it ran as well as the other events.

Each event is really worth mentioning but I'll focus on the "Desperate Measures" event for this post. Desperate Measures was Theory hammer unleashed. No points limits. The only limit was caster, and a single Light, Heavy and Solo, but no Restictions on models that included extra models or created units/models. Khador got access to an additional Solo instead of a light. During the steamroller earlier that day we helped get people brainstorming and used Goreshade the Bastard as an example of how you can get around the limits. The players really got into it and we had as many or a couple more players then the steamroller. Some of the sweet ideas/finds where the Minion Warlock solos and Bethayne. I was really suprised no one play Mortenabra or P-Goreshade. Karchev, Behemoth, Drakun, Fenris was very popular, as was Kaya+Laris, Feral, Gorax, Wolflord. The Second Big suprise was the Event Winner, Jeff K and his P-Sevi, Avatar, Blessing of Vengence, Vassel list. Matt R. came in second with his Bethanye, Carnivean, Reak, Forsaken list, and Third place is a bit foggy, so I'll get back to it, later.
Pics of Kublacon
Friday night at Kublacon. The Manged Grind event (Basically 15 point Highlander)

Over the Weekend I think the River battles where the most talked about.  The Bridge was always a hotly contested strong point, as it gave elevation and cover, even if you could ignore the water. My game in the 50 pointer was no different.

Another terrain feature the raised Eye brows was when someone with reach engaged someone though a window on a ruined building.  If the target didn't have reach he was stuck or taking a free strike.

A very striking color scheme for a Ret army.

Additionly, I've been working on some other projects too.
My Ashynn Conversion. Some one else did this on the PP boards a while back and I final ordered the parts from PP's bits shop recently.

Vlad = Rob Zombie and Dracula's love child

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