Monday, May 16, 2011

RIFT: I'm digging it

Rift has really captured my MMO time. It's a solid MMO that adds a lot of life to a stale genre, but adding a ton of random events to create a world that's different every time you log in. I've logged into the game to find the city or town I load out at, it now controlled my Deamons or Undead and had to fight to free the town or sometimes just to survive. Standard Quest grinding is always being interrupted by zone wide  like Rift invasions or the new zone events. My attempts to log out are frequently delayed by something new that I just found or noticed. I've spent hours playing around with the class system that encourages experimentation and unique builds. The game is also full of treasure you can just find on the ground, namely Artifacts, Cairns and Puzzles. The Game is also really pretty.
I'm sure I could list other features I really like, but this is what I can think of at the moment.

This screen shot does not show all the movement that you would see on the grass/banners and flickering light effects. The constant movement in the background really helps immerse me in Rift.

Fire Rift and to the left you can see a Fire Invasion headed up the road at me.

Death Rift Boss battle. 

Rift Invasion in progress.

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