Sunday, January 30, 2011

My take on the new League stats

Windless Waste Cards

I think the League model stats are different as apposed to better. 

Menoth's "Chained Prodigal" is interesting. Blizzard seems useful, but cloud effects are not that hard for Menoth to get, however it's one more defensive buff for Menoth, so that's not bad. Frostbite is a magic ability 7 Spray, so that's situational better then the default magic attack. 

I really like the Tempest Wraith and will likely be playing them in the league. While losing Chain Attack Death chill sucks, gaining Snipe will really help this model out in my opinion. Most games I play with Pistol Wraiths involve them getting close enough to attack, getting a few soul tokens, then getting killed before they can use the soul tokens. Snipes extra range show help them load up on souls early game and hopefully allow then to survive long enough to use those soul token. However the Tempest Wraith has pow 10 pistols instead of pow 12, so those soul tokens might be essential to there use, it your attacking anything with a decent armor rating. Thunderbolt and Black Penny just give you more options and are each pretty awesome effects.

I'm also a fan of the Trollkin Cutthroat (this model seems a lot better then the Trolllkin Skinner, but easier to kill with beasts). 

I might also find room in my Cryx list for the Swamp Gobber Fumigators, as 1 point for a rat 6 pow 12, 8 inch spray is pretty sweet.
I think the Karax Skirmishers are pretty sweet for Skorne as they lose Shieldwall for Gang, while still retaining Girded, so they are immune to blast damage and can protect ofter models from them too.

Yahraph is interesting, but with out a few Teraphs to back it up, it's not that amazing. It gains Reach and now has a pow 13 Aoe instead of it's normal Strafe Attack. Flanking a Terarph makes him pretty sweet.

The Navigator seems cool, its a monster at scenario games, as hit can slam with momentum or pull with it's Reach melee attack, so it's pretty sweet at removing a troubling model from the edge of a scenario zone.

I think I'm least impressed with the Gnarlhorn Bruiser. It trades Counter Slam for Counter Charge, and I feel that's a bit of a downgrade, but losing followup and gaining free charges and Chain Attack:brutality is neat, circle has Warp Wolves that hit harder if you just want a melee beater or if you want to mess with your opposition's turns, counter slam is better.

Shadowfall Archers are also interesting but I don't see why I'd want to use them instead of the normal Archers, but I guess with Raven where they speed the game with the Snipe Spell on them, they don't need that option, so having Shadowfire instead is a boon. Otherwise trading the Continuous effect Fire for Corrosion is not a trade I'd normally make. 

The Manta is another model I'm so-so on. If your not a fan of Stormsmiths, it's pretty cool and can lock down Arcnodes and stuff and it's amphibious so that's neat. However the more I think about it, the more I'm liking it, but it's not enough to tempt me to run out and buy a firefly and play Cygnar this league.   

Dmitai Ulchev is cool, but I don't see anyone playing Kayazy latily, so a Character upgrade for them is neato but unlikely to appear in out league.Baring the fact we probably won't see him in play, he's a nice addition of a Kayazy unit, adding Paymaster that allows Pathfinder or Tough on a unit that's already fast and hard to hit. Alswo I just noticed he's a weapon master too.

Overall I like the new stats for the league, but only a few models really look exciting to me. It I had any Troll Skinner's I would be very tempted to play trolls, but I'm currently happy with the Fumigators and Tempest Wraith.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Playing Cryx now and League of Legends

I don't know if I mentioned this but I'm a Press Ganger now, so I'm now Judging the local events as well as organizing then. This means I can't play in tournament as I'm running, which is how I prefer it, but I'm not going to be playing as competitively as I have been. I find that freeing, a I felt tied to my Cygnar and later to my trolls because Warmachine/Horde really benefit experience with models. So I'd been neglecting my other factions. I'm playing Cryx at the moment, focusing on E-Lich and P-Denny. I fell Our meta doesn't have a strong Cryx meta, so I'm going to try to learn these guys and teach the locals about them. E-Skarre is next on the list. After a few months with Cryx, I think I'll hope to Mercs for a while, or Menoth.

I've just recently found "League of Legends" and all I can say is wow. I'm really enjoying this game, it's fast paced, designed for very competitive play and feel a bit like your playing a Warcaster (but with no jacks). If you every played the "Defense of the Ancients" mod in Warcraft 3, this is it's next generation. Defense of the Ancients or DotA was a very popular mod that changed Warcraft 3 into a 1-2 hour epic RPG wargame. In both DotA and League of Legends, you control one Character that's a powerful hero for his army, and the game has two teams, each composed of 3 or 5 players/characters. The players battle it out while a much larger battle rages around them. Each Team need to defeat a gauntlet of Defense Towers, enemy Grunts, and enemy character to destroy there well guarded nexus and win the game. League of Legends is Free to Play and each week all players are given access to 10 random heroes, and you can unlock heroes permintely with real cash or earning points in game. I've played about 8 games and have unlocked 2 heroes so far, so I don't think spending real money is necessary in the least (but it might be fun, there are a ton of different champions, like 40+, so it might take a while to earn a large stable.

This link is to the new users Guide

There is a Referral program, so if you decide to try this game, please click this link, so I get the credit for referring you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

So I've played a fair amount of Warmachine in December, but with the Holidays and Wow Expansion I hadn't had much time to think about it or Blog. Anyway, I've been playing Borka and Grimm in the last few Weeks. EDoomie is great, but while I need to play him more, he's a bit cut throat for friendly games. So I've been experimenting with Borka and some new units. I received a Box of Troll Scouts for Xmas, and have been dying to play the Nyss Hunters. So I played two games using the Borka Beach Party list made by Nigel over at Focus and Fury. It's a fun list but I suck with Borka, so instead of using my list to my advantage, I just spearhead with Borka and see if Stumbling Drunk and a protective Mulg can swing the game in my favor. They can.

I also played two games with Grim leading a Blitzer and Impaler, with Nyss Hunters, Scouts, and Full Pyg with Support. This was my first game with out Kriel stone barrier in months and my first game with out Mulg since I got him. It was a neat list, all the pathfinding huntery goodness was a sweet change from most my troll lists. Grim's a cool caster but I find him frustrating with his single shot rifle or net gun. All too often when push comes to shove, Grim needs to move up and take a shot that is very important to my remaining activations. He then misses and my turn goes sideways. If he had a re-roll or second shot, I'd be much happier with him, otherwise he's great. The Nyss Hunters didn't do much in either game, I think I was just to conservative with them in the first game and they got killed quickly in the second. I want to use them again, they seem to have a lot of potential. The Troll Scouts are sweet, not too expensive points wise, but they can hit hard and quick and have nice special abilities like Pathfinder, Hunter, Advance deploy, Gang, Assault, Prowl, etc. I'm really enjoying them and there freedom of movement and attack vectors. I think I need a few more games with them to really get a feel for them, but they make me happy.

I Haven't played Janissa except with Edoomshaper, so I need to make sure to use her more too.

Otherwise, I'm thinking of playing Cryx in the near future. I don't see them in our local meta and I like to keep my gaming group up on what all the factions can do, so they don't get wrecked by people they don't normally play against at Tournaments.