Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

So I've played a fair amount of Warmachine in December, but with the Holidays and Wow Expansion I hadn't had much time to think about it or Blog. Anyway, I've been playing Borka and Grimm in the last few Weeks. EDoomie is great, but while I need to play him more, he's a bit cut throat for friendly games. So I've been experimenting with Borka and some new units. I received a Box of Troll Scouts for Xmas, and have been dying to play the Nyss Hunters. So I played two games using the Borka Beach Party list made by Nigel over at Focus and Fury. It's a fun list but I suck with Borka, so instead of using my list to my advantage, I just spearhead with Borka and see if Stumbling Drunk and a protective Mulg can swing the game in my favor. They can.

I also played two games with Grim leading a Blitzer and Impaler, with Nyss Hunters, Scouts, and Full Pyg with Support. This was my first game with out Kriel stone barrier in months and my first game with out Mulg since I got him. It was a neat list, all the pathfinding huntery goodness was a sweet change from most my troll lists. Grim's a cool caster but I find him frustrating with his single shot rifle or net gun. All too often when push comes to shove, Grim needs to move up and take a shot that is very important to my remaining activations. He then misses and my turn goes sideways. If he had a re-roll or second shot, I'd be much happier with him, otherwise he's great. The Nyss Hunters didn't do much in either game, I think I was just to conservative with them in the first game and they got killed quickly in the second. I want to use them again, they seem to have a lot of potential. The Troll Scouts are sweet, not too expensive points wise, but they can hit hard and quick and have nice special abilities like Pathfinder, Hunter, Advance deploy, Gang, Assault, Prowl, etc. I'm really enjoying them and there freedom of movement and attack vectors. I think I need a few more games with them to really get a feel for them, but they make me happy.

I Haven't played Janissa except with Edoomshaper, so I need to make sure to use her more too.

Otherwise, I'm thinking of playing Cryx in the near future. I don't see them in our local meta and I like to keep my gaming group up on what all the factions can do, so they don't get wrecked by people they don't normally play against at Tournaments.

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