Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Playing Cryx now and League of Legends

I don't know if I mentioned this but I'm a Press Ganger now, so I'm now Judging the local events as well as organizing then. This means I can't play in tournament as I'm running, which is how I prefer it, but I'm not going to be playing as competitively as I have been. I find that freeing, a I felt tied to my Cygnar and later to my trolls because Warmachine/Horde really benefit experience with models. So I'd been neglecting my other factions. I'm playing Cryx at the moment, focusing on E-Lich and P-Denny. I fell Our meta doesn't have a strong Cryx meta, so I'm going to try to learn these guys and teach the locals about them. E-Skarre is next on the list. After a few months with Cryx, I think I'll hope to Mercs for a while, or Menoth.

I've just recently found "League of Legends" and all I can say is wow. I'm really enjoying this game, it's fast paced, designed for very competitive play and feel a bit like your playing a Warcaster (but with no jacks). If you every played the "Defense of the Ancients" mod in Warcraft 3, this is it's next generation. Defense of the Ancients or DotA was a very popular mod that changed Warcraft 3 into a 1-2 hour epic RPG wargame. In both DotA and League of Legends, you control one Character that's a powerful hero for his army, and the game has two teams, each composed of 3 or 5 players/characters. The players battle it out while a much larger battle rages around them. Each Team need to defeat a gauntlet of Defense Towers, enemy Grunts, and enemy character to destroy there well guarded nexus and win the game. League of Legends is Free to Play and each week all players are given access to 10 random heroes, and you can unlock heroes permintely with real cash or earning points in game. I've played about 8 games and have unlocked 2 heroes so far, so I don't think spending real money is necessary in the least (but it might be fun, there are a ton of different champions, like 40+, so it might take a while to earn a large stable.

This link is to the new users Guide

There is a Referral program, so if you decide to try this game, please click this link, so I get the credit for referring you.

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