Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Space Tick Vs. Sparkplug

Alan Smith's AFG

The AFG was a really pain. I didn't have enough firepower to try to attack the AFG and my Melee never got close to it.
The AFG mostly shot rat 9 Rifts and that really sucked for my poor Jacks, especially with Rahn TKing them backwards.

Both Storm Strider and AFG survived this battle. The Storm Strider is exactly what I've been looking for in Cygnar.
I give it a big thumbs up.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So I just ran a Mangled Metal Event where it's 30 point playing only Grind scenarios. Your allowed to spend up to 5 points on solos or units. The turnout was not great but the games where. Alan Smith won with a Tier 4 Mortinabra list. He had his jacks merclessly huntdown and Throw those Grinders deep into the enemies side of the table and Alan often won by dropping both Grinders into the score zone on the same turn.

Pat's Khador vs. Rich S.'s Ret

Alan's winning Cryx force vs. Lance's LavaTrolls

Damon's Skorne Vs. Porkbun's Khador

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lock and Load!

Here is a quick photo dump of pics from L&L

Iron Mike, PP's new Bouncer.

Lock and Load had a ton of sweet table to play on in the Iron Arena.

Some Tables had there own special Rules and Scenarios

I didn't play on this table but I think the train moves each turn 

This Table I did play on and it had artillery and a special win condition

So Awesome looking. It was an blast to play on.


More Iron Arena tables

I dig the super trees on this map.

I played on this table, it was a bit wierd having a huge wall spliting your deployment zone, but it  worked out ok.

Menoth styled Table

Trencher paradise.

This was one of the tournament tables. I have a few more pictures of  these tables.

I was really surprised to see most if not all of the tournament tables had water.

I'm starting to think my terrain lay outs might be a bit heavy, these tables had more open space then my events.

My First Game at Lock and Load

I'm playing my ex-roommate Porkbun and his new Khador. He won, again.

Storm Stider was pretty sweet
Played aginst a very good merc player using Damino. We called this game on time, but it was not looking sweet for me at the end.

Another oppoenet's Army, I should have got names.

I got to play on the super sweet table. Cygnar loves big open spaces.

To play on this table you needed a fully painted army

I played against PG_Fellio from Vacaville

Chargers 4 & 5 are and waiting for Orders

I must have played E-Nemo well, he was so far back this was the only picture I got of him.

My squad faces off with the loneliest Avatar.

The Stormstirder is sad it's not painted and can't play.

Round one's shooting was pretty good, only a few Errant Knights survived.

Nemo Feated and gave each jack 3 focus. The Thunderhead thundered, clearing the way for Chargers to start shooting Feora.

Charger 4 finished the Casterkill. 

I didn't get around to seeing if I could finish of the Avatar