Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mulg Force 5

This Weekend I played in a very special tournament called the Bryan Carroll Invitational. It's called that because Bryan invited us over to his place for a day of Warmachine while his wife and kids are out of town. I played Edoomy, Mulg, and Janissa together for the first time and it was Magical. Undeated magical. I managed to play Circle (Kormac), Trollbloods (Grissel), Cryx (PDenny) and Legion (PThagrosh) and got the Caster Kill each game. My favorite moment was against PDenny, as she popped her Feat and hit Mulg with Crippling Grasp, then giving Mulg seven inched of movement so as to move forward and engage Denny, then while under Wild aggression managed to score a hit on her and with Boosted damage killed her in one shot.

Mulg is a Beast, I really like how he's been playing. He's super tough, especially when buffed, hits hard and accurately, has reach and adds some magic denial to the army. I'm sold on him and I'm sure my opponents are going to hate him soon.

Janissa turned several games in my favor with well placed walls and moving enemy jacks out of combat with Tectonic shift. In my first few games she felt like she might be spent on more whelps or maybe Saxon Orrick or a Pathfinder, but in games where I felt out threated by range or my bad positioning, her Rock wall covered my boys and deflected several attacks. In one game it let me aggressively advance toward a very scary infantry based army, granting me the first strike as opposed to being charged/slammed by long riders first.

Epic Doomshaper feels like coming home, even though I've only played him for a week now. His spells get feel like a "Best of" list, I loved Iron Aggression and Full Throttle, so Wild Aggression is something I'm very familiar with, while I've used Refuge with Kara Sloan and Hoof it with Grissel, so the after combat movement is also something I've got experience exploiting. Primal Shock is sweet and easy to use as it his other Direct damage spell. Agitation is going to take a little skill to use correctly, as every time I've used it, it was just before I killed at least one of his (my Opponent) beasts and solved the fury problem for him. Doomy's free Dire Troll Animus is also something I'm really happy with, although I found out he can't cast Transmute on himself and get the Speed Bonus of Difficult Terrain, as he did not have the animus on him at the start of the activation, when you check. His Feat is pretty sweet for firing off the Big trolls, +3 speed and free charging is pretty sweet.

I've Recently Started to play Monsterpocalypes and I'm really impressed be it. I'm still not sold on the collectible aspect of it, but it does have small sets. The Small sets seem to make it easy to get the models you want, so I'm hoping it's not going to be too expensive. That aside, I'm very happy with the game play. I've played about four games and I'm thinking it's more complex then Warmachine. The Dice resource system with alternating unit/monster turns really makes me think, then think, and then think some more. Learning and remembering the Icon system is also a challenge, but I found a wedsite the shows all the stats with all the ability rules, so it's a lot easier to figure out what everything does. Here is the site if you want to check out some monpoc stats. It's so very satisfyingly when you slam a monster though four buildings, crushing both yours and his units and then finishing the smash with him ending the slam on a nuclear reactor so he takes some radiation damage too. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mulg makes me happy.

I just got Mulg and have started painting him. That's my primer + Detail drybrush. I tend to drybrush a color on my models before I really think about painitng a model. The drybrush is slightly heavy and is intend to A) allow details to stand out, so I can plan my paint job better, B) it makes the model much more table top ready and C) it allows me to use thinner paint for base coating, while letting the black primer show though in the cracks and crevices.

I've played a couple games with Mulg and I really like him. His slow speed is a bit of an issue, but it's so worth it with his Reach, armor 19 and 35 damage boxes.