Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the Painting Table

I've been painting away, trying to get my Epic Haley Tier list all painted and based. I'm almost there.

Additionally I'm painting the Gold Rush Rampage objective marker, Prime Stryker, Ragman, and some Long Gunner UAs that are not show in the Pictures.

I thought I was done, then looked at the Picture and noticed all the models with no basing done. Not a Big deal but the force still needs some work.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Results from the Bay Area Open Warmachine and Hordes tournamanets

Player Name Faction (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Brian Egger Retribution of Scyrah 4 (8)(2)(83)
Sean Egger Khador 3 (12)(4)(95)
Johnny Pegram Khador 3 (7)(4)(74)
Ray Snyder Cygnar 3 (7)(0)(103)
Brian Carroll Retribution of Scyrah 3 (6)(5)(58)
Dan Ozborn Khador 2 (11)(1)(82)
Lance Engle Legion of Everblight 2 (8)(2)(78)
Elliott Kaplan Trollbloods 2 (7)(3)(65)
Benjamin Curly Khador 2 (7)(2)(84)
Chris Ross Trollbloods 1 (10)(0)(44)
Rich Domo Circle Orboros 1 (9)(1)(55)
Alexander Kosma Retribution of Scyrah 1 (8)(2)(24)
David Rudkin Cryx 1 (5)(1)(35)
Player Name Faction \(SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Sean Egger Khador 4 (8)(8)(98)
Travis Simpson Circle Orboros 3 (12)(4)(91)
Brandon Cating Protectorate of Menoth 3 (9)(8)(185)
Johnny Peram Minions 3 (8)(2)(102)
Dan Ozborn Khador 3 (7)(3)(84)
Benjamin Curly Khador 2 (10)(1)(67)
Brian Egger Retribution of Scyrah 2 (9)(5)(123)
Elliott Kaplar Trollbloods 2 (8)(4)(71)
Tim Ameral Circle Orboros 2 (8)(0)(52)
Lance Engle Legion of Everblight 2 (6)(2)(114)
Alexander Kosma Retribution of Scyrah 2 (6)(2)(65)
Rich Romo Circle Orboros 1 (9)(3)(83)
Eli Stevens Protectorate of Menoth 1 (9)(0)(67)
Sergle Alverez Legion of Everblight 1 (6)(0)(55)
Chris Ross Trollbloods 1 (6)(0)(40)

Player Name Faction (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Brandon Cating Protectorate of Menoth 5 (12)(5)(178)
Brian Egger Retribution of Scyrah 4 (16)(5)(105)
Sean Sheridan Trollbloods 4 (16)(1)(105)
Ray Snyder Cygnar 4 (14)(5)(149)
Sean Egger Khador 3 (13)(7)(120)
Superless Dan Ozborne Khador 3 (13)(3)(120)
Rich Romo Circle Orboros 3 (13)(2)(124)
Elliot Kaplan Trollbloods 3 (8)(1)(114)
Bryan Carrol Khador 2 (16)(6)(127)
Benjamin Curly Khador 2 (16)(1)(105)
Travis Simpson Circle Orboros 2 (13)(0)(70)
Alexander Kosma Retribution of Scyrah 2 (12)(0)(74)
Sergle Alvarez Legion of Everblight 2 (10)(2)(144)
Johnny Pegram Minions 2 (10)(0)(115)
Lance Engle Legion of Everblight 1 (14)(0)(80)
Sabrina Stillings Cryx 1 (10)(2)(62)
Tim Ameral Circle Orboros 1 (10)(0)(64)
Dustin Peterson Khador 1 (9)(4)(91)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bay Area Open Battle Report part one

This is a Tournament Report for the Bay Area Open 35 point Blood Sweet and Tiers Event. It was a 35 point Teir list only event with Causal Timing.

This are the lists I played:

Theme Force: Storm Bringers Tier 4
35+5 points, 23 models

Major Victoria Haley  +5 points
* Thorn  8 points

Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team  4 points
4 Field Mechaniks  2 points
4 Field Mechaniks  2 points
Storm Strider  9 points
Storm Strider  9 points
Stormsmith Storm Tower  2 points
Stormsmith Storm Tower  2 points
4x Stormsmith Stormcaller  1 point each

Additional Rules:

For each Field Mechanik, 1 Storm Strider gains Advance Move.
Warjacks in Haley's battlegroup are automatically allocated 1 focus at the start of your first control phase.
Storm Striders begin the game with 3 power tokens.

Firefly 5
Gun Mage Captain Adept

* * *

Theme Force: The Weathermen Tier 1
35+6 points, 14 models

General Adept Nemo  +6 points
* 5x Charger  4 points each
* 2x Ironclad  7 points each
* Squire  2 points

5x Stormsmith Stormcaller  1 point each

Additional Rules:

Stormsmith Stormcallers gain Advance Deployment.

Storm tower

My First Game was against a Troll player playing Borka's Family Reunion list.
As I remember, he had Borka, a Mauler,  min Champs with Skadi, 2 Heros, min Boomhowlers, Gundrum, Krielstone +UA, and a Cronicaler. I played ENemo and basically used the Feat turn to really crush his army. I did win, but I can't quite remember how. I think it was 4th Tie Breaker. I also forget the scenario

My Second game was against an old Buddy Dan Ozborn and his amazingly painted "Black and Tan" Khador. He was playing a Epic Sorcha list with Beast 09, a Kodiak, Full Winterguard with Joe, some widow makers, and something else. I forget the Scenario. I choose Epic Haley's Storm Bringers (Ended up playing this list the rest of the weekend, by the way). I managed to do second and shot his army up a bit on turn one as the Striders have advance move and a long range. His second Turn he advances a bunch, but is largely out of range, except for some widow maker shots at my Striders. They had full power tokens, so putting damage on them was smart. My second turn, I decide to try and shut down his heavies as they are close together and I can time bomb them and then put 5 boosted power 15s into them with a little help form Haley's Temporal  acceleration. So I allot one focus to thorn, thorn runs up the table to get in position for the time bomb. Haley actives cast Temporal Acceleration on a strider and throws a Time bomb at Beast 09, who's in the open. I need any thing but snake eye, so I roll snake eyes. whatever, It's a 4" aoe and he;s a large base, I can still get him with the scatter. I roll a 6 for distance and end up killing a Mechanic or two. Sadface. I then go and activate the First Strider and start shooting at Beast 09. Then I remembered I didn't use Haley's Feat. I moved her up close to the front lines for the feat and then forgot to use it. more sadface. but back to the Striders, they blast at Beast and manage to give him lots of free movement with hyper aggression and he ends up with a crippled fist and movement, but managed to engage both Striders and he's about a 1/2 inch form getting to Haley. my remaining activations are largely maneuvering and making sure Beast is disrupted. I know it's over and Dan agrees. Sorcha Activates and cruise forward and pops feat while giving the Winterguard desperate pace. She Also allotted a bunch to the Kodiak, but it's not import to the kill, so it kills some Black 13 or something useful but not amazing or helping the game end. Beast 09 activates sets forward a bit and threshers, both Striders explode as dice +1 with good rolls doubled for Sorcha's Feat and some light damage from the widow makers equal 22 or more damage. Haley takes a hit but only 8 damage as he was just out side the Feat. Now Kovnik Joe gives boosted attacks to the Winterguard and they roll up and spray Haley down. That was a rough game, I can't believe I forgot the feat and I missed the Time bomb. If that Bomb hit, I would have been fine or close to fine with out the feat. If I feated, only Striders would have died. If I had hit and feated I'd have been golden at least for a turn or two.

My Third game was against Lance Engel a local player who's done rather well at the local steam rollers I've ran. He's playing Legion and picks this Absylonia list. He had Typhon, an Angelius, Seraph, two harriers, two shredders and 3 forsaken. I played the Storm Bringers again and this time the scenario was Guidons. My first turn I killed his Forced Evo, tenacious Angelius with Boosted Strider fire. Second Turn I really put the hurt on Absylonia, as I was able to punish the Seraph and almost kill Abby her self, dropping her to a single wound then having two storm smiths fail to get the last point of damage. Lance really tried to do the scenario win, both moving his objective into scoring position on his turn two and having Typhon Kill mine. He also feated, removing all the damage I had done to him and to his Seraph and some light damage to some shredders. My turn three was I needed to kill his guldon or caster or he would win, scoring his third Control point at the end of my turn. So I shoot the Objective with four shots from my Striders, getting it to one hitpoint and Absylonia soaked four electro leaps plus a charge from thorn (with 4 focus) and once more is at 1 health. I have some Storm Smith try to kill her and at dice -5, I failed again. I was about to had Lance the win, when I saw a Storm Tower could take a shot at the Seraph I had TKed around to make sure I have the Charge lane with Thorn, was close enough that if I hit it, the Electro leap would chain into Thorn then Abby. I hit and rolled two leaps, hit thorn and killed Abby. Storm Tower for the win!

Final Round was against Chris a semi Local player that's been hitting the bigger events. He was once agian playing Borka's Family Reuion, but this list had two heavies instead of Boomhowlers.His list as I remember is was Borka and Keg pyg, Mauler, Earthborn, full  Champs, 2 Heroes, Chronicaler. Chris put up a tough game but my previus experence against this Tier force eairlier today had me dailed in. I the Striders and B13 to dismantle the Champs while Thorn and Haley Timebombed Borka and his windwalled Warbeasts. I managed to kill the keg pyg and I also popped my feat (I remembered!!!) this really put the breaks on Borka's advance and his warbeasts just kinda flundered with speed -2 and no running. This Earthborn moved up under party foul, but was still 5-6 inches away from anything. On my Turn I was able to TK the Earthborn into place next to Borka then have the Striders and Tower pound the Earthborn, all the while Electro leaping over Borka, dealing a fair ammount of damage before Thorn charged in for the kill. Gogo Thorn.

So at the end of the day I was 3-1 and pretty happy with my Striders and Haley's Tier list. It's pretty good. I really like the Epic Nemo list, but it has similar Weaknesses to Haley's lists, so while I love 5 Chargers under Nemos Feat (they are good out side the feat turn too, one focus is often all you need for them). I need to find a Tier list that handle High armor better as this list caps out at power 15.

Part Two will focus on my games on Sunday's 35 point Steamroller.