Saturday, April 7, 2012

Moar painting stuff

So I've been painting some more.

Here are the results of the painting and stuff.

Bay Area Open Raffle Terrain

More Terrain won at the Bay Area Open

My new Menoth Paint jobs

I really like the grays and bright fiery Orange

Long Gunners and UAs to allow me to run two min Long Gunners with UAs for Theme lists.
The Objective is one of the Objectives from the Bay Area Open. Free stuff rocks. 

Making some trays for my Storm Striders so I can carry them around in an army bag.

I'm playimg my trolls at Lunch's at work. Go Trolls.

My Cygnar Vs Trolls
Prime Stryker Vs. Epic Grissel.
I would have had a chance at win but I missed a 10 Man CRA into Grissel by rolling Snake eye while she was Knocked down.