Monday, May 2, 2011

Steamroller Wrapup

Here are some pics and results from the 35 point steamroller I ran on Saturday.

Congratz to
1. Matt (Legion)
2. Bryan (Khador)
3. Tyson (Trolls)
4. Nate (Circle)

Menoth brings the light!
Eli's Menoth vs. Matt's Leigon

Pureblood Warpwolf spray on E-Kaya's Feat Turn, so he teleports to safety.
Rich's Circle vs. Bryan's Khador

Bryan and Matt Battle in an earlier round.

David's Mercs battle Tyson's Trolls

Nate's Circle battle Mahir's Crgnar Knights.

Tyson's Trolls and David's Mercs

Circle on Circle Violence
Rich Vs. Nate

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