Monday, September 20, 2010

Stuff and things

I've been playing Lotro a bit and I'm really enjoying it. Also I started to play some Warstorm once again, it's a facebook game that's sort of like an automated Magic the Gathering, it's pretty entertaining.

On to Warmachine stuff. What's up with all the Infantry machine players I keep running into. Jacks or Beasts are where the game gets good. Most Hordes players know this or at least have to take beasts so I'll focus more on Jacks, even though a lot of what I'm going to say applies to them too. Jacks are tactically very flexible, power attacks and focus allocation are very good and powerful effects, add to that the fact that most heavy jacks are very hard to take out and you have a winner. All Jacks have powerful anti infantry tech once you figure in multiple attacks, slams, and throws. Heavy jacks get trample too, making them even better against infantry and making it that much harder to protect something from a close heavy. Head butts allow for amazing melee or shooting follow up attacks. Maybe people just don't know how to use Jacks, but it scares me when I look across the table and see multiple heavy jacks or beasts.

Also, anyone know how to beat Karchev in a 15 point mangled metal? He hurts my head.

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