Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Mangled Metal thoughts

So I've been thinking about Mangled Metal and played a few test games with GoreShade the Bastard, two slayers, a Deathripper, and a Stalker. It was interesting to play, The Banethralls from Goreshades feat are very useful but I'm not as happy with Shadowmancer as I'd have hoped.

I think I'll test out Cygnar tonight. I'm going to be playing Kraye with two Hunters and a Centurion. I figure this list has insane speed and maneuver elements, I should be able to grind down my opponent with Light Cav Hunters, while the Full Tilted Cent can keep up with a Running Kraye (if I'm getting boxed in or in a Danger zone). The Cent waits until he can get the charge on the Caster or last Jack, then I pop Horse Power for the kill. Also if the Cent is engaged I can call a ride by, kill the target then fall back 8". Mage Sight allows me to attempt to deal with Stealth. I can generate a fair amount of shooting, but not really enough to justify using Guided Fire, unless Kraye is also shooting.

I'm trying to Figure out who my second caster will be, after Kraye, they all seem to pale. PHaley is my current choice, as she's very tough to Spell kill and can counter high speed rushes, but I'm not sure what Jacks to support her or what I'm trying to do to win.

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