Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Troll painting!!

I've been painting Trolls lately. I've dug out my trolls from last year and realised that While I painted most of them, the paint jobs are not at the level I'm at now a days, so I've been touching them up. Additionally, I'm painting up a friends Troll army so he can play in the Bay Area Open.

Here is my Mulg I've re-based touched up and tried to get his runes to glow Orange.

These are the Trolls I'm painting from my Friend, He gave me a E Doomie list to paint first. I'm sure I'll paint a lot of other units for him.

The Earthborn is almost finished I need to paint his loin cloth and detail him a bit.

Another Model that's over 70% done. Not sure what Else I need to do with this guy, other then base him.

Epic Doomshaper is only base coated at the moment. I need to do a lot with him.

 The Axer is also close to fully basecoated
Mulg is almost done. I need to paint the base and figure out what I'm going to do about his runes.

And now some picture from my adventure in Star Wars: The Old Republic

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