Sunday, February 12, 2012

Goldrush Rampage

Yesterday, I played in the Goldrush Rampage a new Warmachine tournament that's going to happen twice a year. I was really impress with the event, I expected this to be a neato steamroller, but it was something more. While it was a Full steamroller, they also ran a Master Craftsmen painting contest and had a ton of in game achievements that earned you raffle tickets, for a very generous prize pool. It was a five round event with a $15 dollar entry fee, but aside from having three Judges, great prize support, you also got s sweet swag bag that had full color print out of the scenarios to be played that day, there was a commemorative resin objective marker, and full color interactive objective cards in sleeves. You might have already had access to this stuff, but I thought it was really classy to provide a bunch of little extras to make the game play smoother. The swag bag it's self was a nice black canvas bag that was perfect for carrying my rulebook, counter box and all my paperwork around in.

 I had a great time and played great games, but I did lose my first two games and I'm a little bummed about that. I played each game well, but the first game I lost to Scenario because I was too focused on getting a caster kill on the Troll Warlock Jarl. Jarl casting Quicken on Fen Blades make then scary fast. I did get him to one hitpoint at game end, so I feel like I was in it to win it, but I made some mistakes both minor and large, so I feel I learned a lot on being a better player. My second loss was against Retribution and I really felt like I was diced until I was thinking about it today and realize I just need to be smarter. I was doing a incredible job moping up Sentinels, and killed his Phoenix, most his battle mages both Mage Hunter Assassins, and Archanist. I was feeling very incontrol with TB up and Haley Camping two Focus for armor or Vortex Spear. My opponent activates Rahn, but he's so back field, He Feats, then trys to chain blast some Nyss Hunters and mostly does nothing. I'm getting really excited about the supposed Lockdown I have on him. So he moves up hit last two battle mages and shots at Haley. I'm super happy with my self as I vortex spear both force bolts away. Thinking I was now officially safe, I ws shocked when a Magister moved out form behind a tree, moves up his max distance and shoots at Haley. He's barily in range and rolls a Critical hit, pulling Haley forward 2"s and knocking here down. He also punched 10 damage though her armor and leaves her for a sitting duck. The Storm Fall archer I had no respect for, walk into range and execute her with Brutal Damage. If I had been an Inch back I would have been out of range of the magister and archers. If I had blocked LOS to Haley with the Defender and Jr, she would have survived. Jr. could also have dropped Arcane Shield of the Storm Strider and popped it on Haley too.

I had a Bye on Round three and had to sweet games where my Epic Nemo list dominated Gators and my P-Caine list killed Kharchev.

Here are a ton of photos of game in progress:

This was a long day of awesome gaming. I'm diffidently going to the next Goldrush Rampage. Also Stormblades with Snipe that refuse to die are pretty good.

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