Monday, January 2, 2012

Warmachine and SWTOR

Hey all,
It's been a while since I last posted and that's only because I'm a big slacker. I've been doing plenty of Gaming in the last month or two. I've been playing my Cryx. The Casters I've been playing are Elich, Coven and Denny1. I've been playing Elich (Epic Asphixous) for players that have issues with Bane Spam or Cryx in General. The Coven seem very sweet to me, spamming multiple Infernal Machines a turn is very sweet if you like Jacks. My Coven lists tend to run Deathjack, Reaper, and a bunch of Bone jacks, typically 4or 5. The different Bonejacks as pretty sweet at moving around and dealing with light armor and meduim or light infanty. Plus the Coven loves arc nodes, for long range downtown spell assassinations and ease of buffing. I've been plenty surprised with how good the bonejacks can be when not "runspeed arcnoding". I'm really starting to love the Defilers with it's Spray and the Deathripper is pretty decent in melee, even better with Armor debuffs on the target and Infernal machine upping it's threat and accuracy.

Recently most my games have been in the 25 or 35 point range, so there are less chaff on the table (by Chaff, I mean stuff that I need to kill to get to the real priority targets), but I really enjoy the smaller games. I think it places more impesses on the Casters or Warlocks, as they have a larger impact on the game over all. 50 Point games are good and all but It's starting to feel a bit like a long 40k VP Grind or extreme Warmachine (where you set up a ton of models then get caster kill on turn two with almost no causalites on either side). I guess I'm saying 50 games tend to have more extreme play in my opinion.

Here are some pict of stuff I've done lately

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