Monday, November 22, 2010


I just wanted to post a mini review of the Facebook game "Warstorm". Warstorm is a Collectable Crad game owned by Zynga and it's very similar to Magic the Gathering, but the game plays it's self, the players only contribution is to deck design. You make squads of 7 cards and once you start a game you pick the required number of squads and the game starts. Once the game starts the only thing you can control is play speed and pausing, otherwise the cards are randomly drawn and played for you. This my sound like a big negative, but it's really well done and fun to watch. You root for your cards and watch the game unfold. Games are quick and because of the nature of the automatic game play, you can play against your friends regardless of if they are online or off. Numerous awards track all your wins as you work to unlock power cards.

While this game is free to play, you can spend money on it to buy booster packs, campaigns, prebuilt squads or singles, but the prices are very cheap compared to current card games and you never have to figure out how and where your going to store your cards. I've played this since last winter and I've spent maybe 150 dollars over that time (10 and 20 dollars a pop), but when playing the WOW TCG a few years ago I was spending close to 1000 every other month trying to stay current. If you have played and enjoyed CCGs in the past, I highly recommend Warstorm.

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