Thursday, November 4, 2010

Better late then never!

Almost a month since I last posted, so time to get this going again. I've been playing around with Both Cygnar and Trolls latily. I finally got my last two Caber Tossers so I can field a full unit with all three Cabers. I Proxies them the other night with Grissel and a Ton of different buffing units. Kriel Warriors are my new Voltron, they form up like a Blazing Sword. The Cabers did most the damage needed to kill a Kodiak and Beast 09 thanks to being P+S 18 with two attack each (Grissel's Heroic Ballad). For the longest time I felt my Trolls had issue with high armor (only heavy beasts seemed to counter them, but they tend to die quick easily, but with the Caber tosser madness, I'm no longer worried about Khador jacks.

I've been also playing Epic Nemo and a game with Ashlynn (not really Cygnar, but I used Gun Mages). ENemo is really starting to Grow on me. Fail Safe is a Jailhouse repair, but a lot of the time it's all I need, plus with ENemo, you can allot focus to a Crippled Cortex after you throw Failsafe on it. It's very cool. All his other shenanigans are also very useful. Energizer makes me happy inside every time I use it. I love advancing my shooting jacks with Energizer then standing still for an aiming bonus, or standing still for an aiming bonus then using energizer to back away a few inches.

Also an update on my stuggle with using Rough Terrain correctly, some pointed out that you can always measure form the back of your base to the edge of the rough terrain, instead of placing a spare base outside of the terrain like I suggested.

I'm helping Organise a Foodmachine event for later this month. If you hadn't heard, Foodmachine is a Charity event where the players bring canned food in and donate it, with each can granting a Reroll to be used in the Tournament.
Here is a link to Game Kastles event page, the tournament should be near the top of the screen.

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