Friday, March 18, 2011

Ninjahut still Lives.....

Hey all,

I've been busy with the Windless Wastes league and getting my Pressgang on so I didn't get around to posting here. I'm still going strong on Warmachine and I'm currently playing Cryx. Latily I've been trying to learn Epic Skarre and while I do win with her, I still feel like I'm missing something with how I play her. Her Feat is awesomesausce, but that's pretty obvious, her spells are very cool but to my surprise Admontion never seems to do much, as I'm either getting hosed by range, I forget to use it (because it's not important at the time), or my opponent close enough it doesn't matter.

The last tournament ran well, although I used the Finals Table appendix rule for the first time and received some negative feedback. Apparently people don't like there last game to not really matter because 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place where now locked in for the top four players. In the future, if I run a Finals Table round, all run it as a bonus round for the top four and the tournament is finished for other players. Otherwise I had a good time running the event.

As for event info, P-Doomshaper won the 25 point Tier fight under the brillant command of Lance. Way to go Lance! Rhyas took second place with Lat laying down beatdown for Everblight's glory! Epic Sorcha (Henry) and Gorten (Alan) Battling it out for Third place, with Sorcha pulling out the Win.

Lastly I've been Playing DC universe online on the PS3.
I've been enjoying the MMO on a Console experence.
Here is a shot of one of my earlier characters "American Right"
I play in the Crisis Server, contact me if you want to hang online, yo~

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