Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm back to Cygnar!

I've been playing Cryx lately because there didn't seem to be much happening with them locally, and I wanted to learn them and teach the locals for events outside Game Kastle, our local game store. But I feel I need to start practicing for Kublacon (the best local game convention) and Lock and Load. So after looking at my Cryx, Cygnar, and Trollkin, I have decided to play Cygnar in both events. I'm planning for the Lock and Loaded Masters, so I'm going to focus on three casters, Siege, E-Stryker, and Kraye. I have decent experience with Kraye, Some experience with E-Striker, but I've only had a few games with Siege so I think he's the guy I need to focus on the most. I have a lot of experience with E-Haley, but Figure everyone and there mother will know her tricks, while Kraye and Siege might have some surprise juice, while E-Stryker is well known, but seemingly underplayed, so people might make mistakes against him.

I'll post some lists some time soon.

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