Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gold Rush Rampage is almost here

The Gold Rush Rampage is a few days away and I'm trying to get my new Skorne painted in time. I'm playing Xerxis, Epic Makeda, and Prime Morghoul. My lists are all very similar with 3 big beasts, Pain Givers, Nihilators, and sometime a Swamp Gobber. It should be fun, but I don't know Skorne enough to be competitive yet, but after five tournament games, I think I'll be dialed in and ready for the next tournament.

I've been playing a fair amount of Dust Warfare and I'm still really enjoying that game. It's sweet and now that the third faction is out(the Russians), it's really starting to get interesting.

My new miniature gaming find has been Dungeon Command by Wizard of the Coast. It's a prepainted skirmish game that's diceless. It's just a blast and reminds me of playing cards games, but with minis and map movement. It's still early days as there are only two factions Drow and Good Guys, but Goblins and Undead should be out by years end. This is a tight game that's fast, playing out in 45 minutes or so. It might look pricey at $40 for a faction box, but it's really well designed, both in gameplay and the components. I look forward to playing it more.

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