Thursday, November 3, 2011

Journeyman League

Our Journeyman League is under way and its really bringing new players in and getting older players back into the game. We just hit week 3 and every one is enjoying it.

I haven't posted in the last couple months, but not because of a lack of Warmachine, as I've been playing a fair amount and running a lot of events. So I stopped posting more because Warmachine was so common place, nothing seemed that noteworthy. But that's not really true, I was also lazy and probably needed some time away from Warmachine. I also almost stopped painting, so I need to start back up. I have some troll Pygs on the painting table, a second squad of Rangers and still have to finish the second Storm Strider, so it's not like I'm lacking projects.

Here is some Photos from recent games/events.

Trolls on the painting table.

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