Saturday, August 13, 2011

Still loving the Storm Strider

It's really digging the Storm Strider as I've gotten more experience with it.In my last game it survived a Full focus Stormclad's charge (he didn't get base to base so one got two swings before being repulsed out of melee), then fried it good with boosted damage rolls before Epic Striker finished it with one hit. A big part of what makes the Strider so good to me it how people don't want to attack it or if they do go out on a limb but fail to alpha it, they get punished. It's just a versatile model that seems to always have something relevant that it can do.

A lot of different casters bring different tricks that really help it out. I love it with Darius with his repair ability (but his feat doesn't work on it) and his Crane. The Crane is a place effect so it works on the Strider and it's a place "with in" 1", but not "completely with in". So this allows you to place the Strider almost 6"s away, it's like a triple telekinesis. With Epic Haley, you have Temporal Acceleration, Telekinesis, and Defection to buff you Strider. Epic Nemo gives it Polarity shield which greatly increases it survivabilty and it's 360' on the Strider too. Caine can Snipe it and give it some Deadeye love, while prime Haley has Temporal Barrier, Arcane shield (although you should always have Jr. in the same list as the strider anyway), and her Feat. I'm really looking forward to using the Strider with Siege and it should rock the house on his feat turn and clever use of explosivo can up the carnage you first blast causes each turn.


Garou said...

I have one (got it earlier this week), and I am already thinking about getting a second one. I may never use it except in the eHaley theme list, but it's such a nice model it's hard to resist. And it would probably get more play (short term) than either the gun carriage or the wraith engine.

Ninjaray said...

I'm getting a second Strider. It's just very solid.