Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer time Gaming!

First here is a Photo of a 200 point Unbound game a couple of players are battling for the Rotterhorn league.

Here I have a 50 point Game aginst Nate a Circle player I used to work with. I was really annoyed by the druids just ignoring all my electrical shenanigans. I guess it was not a big deal but I was really frustrated about it.

I was using some new terrain I inherited. We used to use it to run an event called Plasma Ball Run at Games Days and local cons.
I was worried this terrain would suck to play on, but quite the opposite. We ruled all one level changes counted as Hills and it was easy to maneuver on, but we where constantly fighting for the high ground.
The Bottle neck between the two rock pillars made for brutal close range fighting. The mission was Overrun so we really needed to feed the meat grinder. I was winning the Attrition war when the huge squad of Wolves rounded the corner, engaging the Strider, then letting the Wolflord charge the Storm Strider. He one shotted it, opening LOS from the Squad of Wolves. Moshar then Teleported to one of the wolfs and then shot Nemo down with Crevasse.

75 point Game against Porkbun. He's was playing a Strakov lead Jack heavy list.

This game was a Blast with Widow makers starting the battle of the pillars, and ending with Strakov Running an assassination attempt on EHaley but running along the tops of pillars to then shot down on her form an 8" elevation. The Assassination failed, but not by much.

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