Thursday, April 7, 2011

Siege is pretty good.

I've played a few games in the last week, playing E-Stryker, P-Caine, and Siege.

I heart P-Caine, he's such a army buffer spamming both Deadeye and snipe twice a turn. This really enables your ranged units. Stormblades with Snipe and Deadeye have a 19" threat on ranged attacks that ignore's the target being in melee penalty, with each hit being a pow 14 and three storm gunners with six inched more threat + auto hitting shenanigans. The fact they rock in melee is a sweet bonus but with P-Caine I take them for the Pow 14 assault move shooting tech. Gun Mages and Trenchers also Luv some Deadeyed Snipe (allows the Gunmages to use other shot types with snipe).

With E-Stryker I ran a max Stormblade unit with JR and Rupert there to buff them. They did good damage and soaked a ton of Winterguard sprays, all while rolling that flank. At Turn three I remember to use Madelyn Corbeau, moved Stryker up and then had my jacks clear a lane to Epic Vlad, spent 2 focus of 4" of movement then walked him though a cloud into Vlad and Killed myself because I rolled three dice and hit the magic roll of 17 on 3d6. Woot, I won the moron Lottery. So we tried it again with 2 dice I gained 6 str and took 8 damage, then realized I had only two focus left and still had not taked my attack. So I boosted to hit, connected and realise a second attack would likely miss because Vlad would be buffed up form the damage, so I boosted damage and one shotted the big V. Rolled 14 on the three dice at Dice +4 I think. Mostly I got lucky. I was a little disappointed with that assassination run, it was a lot more sketchy then I though and requires more resourced then I thought.

The Siege Game was sweet Because of a few things, first I played a returning Mark 1 player and this was his first game of Mark 2, so I'm a douche for talking about the smack down I gave him. Second Siege is awesome, He almost soloed a doomreaver squad with Groundpounder and on the feat turn (last turn too) Hit the Butch for 18 damage past armor thanks to Rheinholdt's lucky charm letting me tune the damage up. A hunter shot later and that was game. Third, after the game I realised I hadn't lost a model, a hunter lost both cortex and movemnt and my Iron clad had a few columns but nothing crippled. He almost killed four stormblades, but thanks to the Piper, I made all the tough rolls. Four, I realized how much I'm enjoying Siege and his feat.

I need to get some games with Kraye in. I've played him about a dozen times about six months ago and I think he's very powerful. I just need to get back in practice with him and Cavjacks.

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